BRUNO LEAN Certified Management Coach
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I was led to Coaching by my passion to help people develop. To support people to improve their life in whatever way they want to measure that improvement. "I therefore believe we all possess the core skills needed to communicate effectively, I work with people to help them identify and develop these talent and how to apply them to maximize their success.

Coaching provides a “space” for busy people to take time to think and reflect so that any consequent action is deliberate and considered. Coaching is a two-way process; although I leave every coaching assignment knowing that the person/group I’ve been coaching have reached their own conclusion.

Coaching provides people with the freedom of choice to change rather than adjust, transform instead of conform, and a realization they are responsible for designing and effecting their future - no matter what may have happened in the past”.

Coaching is a great conversation that helps you reflect, learn and change something to help you perform better.  I am consistently humbled by the huge impact a good coach can have on your day, your work and your life.

Coaching is a fantastic opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and well-being, at work and personally, while being accompanied by an expert in a secure environment.  Coaching is an opportunity to touch base with one’s emotional and intellectual potential and then unleash it.

Coaching to me means a respectful "expedition": to accompany the Client in discovering new details and unexpected options in his or her context and so to extend the amount of alternatives – for behavior, for ideas, for attitudes, for solutions.

Professional summary

My Coaching experience includes coaching people on a one to one basis and groups as well. I have the experience of providing Coaching individuals in achieving their personal, career and international business objectives easier, faster at a less cost.

Being a certified management coach from The Certified Coaches Alliance and a Postgraduate diploma in business administration with twenty five years of experience in business exposure, I am able to listen and guide my clients to take the right decision to solve their problems.

As a management coach we are trained on various skills such as building rapport, building questions, building listening, building intuition, building feedback, time management, selling coaching, principles of coaching, enrollment strategy, Distortions, deletions, generalization, Co-creative relationship, group coaching, coaching to wellness, assertiveness, barriers to coaching, circle of personal perspective, coaching moments, coaching beliefs, coaching emotional intelligence, coaching process structure, coaching through career transition and personal prose.

Apart from the above areas of knowledge , I have a published work on non verbal communication titled Human Watching registered under the Indian Copyrights act. Subjects of interest include social philosophy , social psychology , NLP and general Management. Body language and non verbal communication has been a passion of interest which led me to publish an interactive video under the Indian copyrights act titled as Human Watching.
Being a follower of Christ have profound thoughts on The Holy Bible and is interested to Coach client’s who feels it good to be coached under the banner of Christian coaching.


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