Management Coaching

Management Coaching is a specialized niche under life coaching . It is a process to build an individual’s capabilities by supporting them in achieving improved results.

The process is as follows :

I Analysis of the coacher’s managerial situation through structured discussion with the client.

II Holistic assessment of capability through use of :

- Individual Assessment (PMI + interview)

- and/or Coaching 360 + interview

- and/or self assessment and manager’s assessment + interview

(coaching 180)

III Establishing of capability gaps and strengths through I- SWOT process with coached and discussion with the client.

IV Agree Smart development goals and document . Plan future coaching sessions overall direction

V Deliver sessions using our coaching methodology , Remarc learning philosophy and Co-Active techniques

VI Monitor and measure the behavioral change through client evaluation and coached follow-up sessions ( at least three ,six and twelve months ). It always involves three parties , the coach , coached and business or client.

Coaching Approach

Coaches choose the focus of the conversation in coaching meetings but the overall structure of the sessions is driven by our assessment of the individual and their business situation. The coach listens and prompts the coached by contributing observations and questions where necessary .The interaction creates clarity and moves the coached into action. Coaching accelerates the coacher’s progress by providing greater awareness of the implications of their behavior and impact on result’s . The focus is on where the coached is today and what they are willing to do to get where he/she wants /needs to be tomorrow.

Management Coaching performance in 4 areas ; business, relationship network, organization and personal development;

- enhancing their contribution to results and the organization.

- creating and executing improved personal or business development plans.

- giving appropriate priority to goals and developing strategies to achieve objectives within set time frames.

- developing behaviors or removing obstacles to performance.

- building interpersonal competencies

- preparing ‘talent’ for new role

- dealing with conflict effectively

- supporting an individuals induction into new company or role.(following R&S or Capacity Review)

When participants have been assessed previously , the same process would be followed with appropriate adjustments to step in the definition.

Management Coaching builds strong relationships between Remarc and our clients. It is an obvious product to be sold after : Capability Review , R&S, 360 Assessment or as a standard alone product. It helps us get very close to our client.

Bruno Lean is the director of Remarc that offers management coaching as part of a suite of services to help its clients achieve their corporate ambitions.

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