A CD-ROM on body language and non-verbal communicationEssential tool for business executives, students & budding Professionals

Human beings interact with each other with expression of thoughts and opinions. Language is the medium used to communicate their feelings and emotions. Body- Language is described by Psychologists as a ‘Language of Signals’. Psychologists say   that human beings express their feelings and thoughts, through gestures, movements and attitudes unconsciously.

Kinesics – the study of body movements, tell us that a major share of information on the character, impact and credibility of a person is conveyed through body language.

Non-verbal communication is a complex process that involves; tone of voice, eye contact, gestures and body movements.

Body language or body talk is 7% through words, 38% through intonation or voice modulation and 55% through gestures or body signs.

In this modern world of interpersonal relationship building and negotiations, watching human expressions and learning their actions has become a subject of cardinal importance. Body language as a major means of human communication helps in identifying ones’ intent in expressing it.

The CD-ROM entitled ‘Human Watching’, a comprehensive training module on body language and non-verbal communication has been developed and produced by REMARC, Bangalore. This CD-ROM is a pilot venture on the study of body language in India and is based on Indian context. In an era of competition and interactions much emphasis is on developing one’s interpersonal skills to succeed in the present high-tech, customer driven economy. Building rapport with clients, customers and co-workers is of cardinal importance, it depends on how well you are able to understand their moods and behaviour. Watching human expressions and learning their actions and gestures are very essential facets of business. Proper analysis and implementation make negotiations, meetings, interviews etc., quicker with open intentions. Body language and non-verbal communication is an essential subject for professionals in all walks of life.

Training Value

HUMAN WATCHING is a comprehensive guide to interpret the actions and gestures of people at various occasions.

This presentation is a personal discernment tool and not a judgmental tool. 


  • 23 main titles, 163 sub-titles
  • Relevant, quality video clippings.
  • Professional narration
  • Innovative and creative design
Good Manners & Etiquette (Self Improvement CD)
Are we born with them? Not at all! They are acquired through constant practice. They are inculcated from childhood and become second nature to us by the time we grow up. Can the ability to get along smoothly with others in the social getup be learnt or is it a trait you were born with? While charming people comes naturally to some, most of us have to learn how to relate to others. This learning and imbibing is what is known as having "Good Manners and Etiquette".

It includes:
  • Posture - An understanding tool
  • Dress to impress
  • Creating & maintaining relationships
  • Inculcating good behavior
  • Etiquette & class
  • Anger
  • Greeting...needs no occasion
  • General Etiquette is Straight forward
  • Conversation is an art
  • Managing relationships
  • Defining manners and etiquette
  • Applying for a job interview
  • Harmony at the workplace
  • Social responsibilities
  • Just for a today, I will not argue
  • Just for a today, I will learn one new skills

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